natalie portman

‘Jackie’ is the story of one woman’s attempt to put the pieces of her life back together following an unspeakable tragedy, and what that means when one is doing it on the biggest, most public of stages.


As Marvel’s cinematic universe extends into its second phase, Thor: The Dark World finds itself sandwiched between movies seven and nine in the franchise (or one and three, depending on how you look at it).


Chris Hemsworth returns at the titular thunder god in a movie that is a combination sci-fi, fantasy and Dr. Who that works – barely.


This review of “Thor” appears on KTKA-49. Thor may be a God from Norse mythology, but the guy portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the new fantasy-action movie “Thor” is based on “The Mighty Thor,” a Marvel comic that first appeared in 1962. Bottom line: The premise is ultra-silly, but the movie works. Just listen to [...]

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Opening this Friday is a film about two princes of a legendary kingdom. The older brother, heir to the throne, is arrogant and proud, the younger is manipulative and jealous. Though the father tries to love each equally, his blind love for the older child leads to an error in judgment, and ultimately the older [...]