Top 10 Movies to Watch Stoned/High

by Phil Fava on September 22, 2009

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What movies are the best movies to watch high? Which are the best movies to watch stoned? Try this list of all-over-the-map films the next time you can’t find the remote. AND Read the sequel to this list here.

I know what you’re thinking: “Great. Here’s another list of terrible comedies for delinquents to watch as they stuff their faces with commercial snack products and contribute next to nothing.” That’s exactly what you’re thinking. I know it is. And you’re wrong. If the only thing you get out of smoking is the giggles and munchies, you’re really missing out. Smoke a bowl and take a hike in the woods. Cook. Draw something. Or just watch one of these movies.

If you have an idea for your own Top 10, email Eric at

lisa p adventureland 200910. Adventureland (2009)

One of the biggest pleasures to experience when watching a movie is any moment of recognition. It’s one of those weird stipulations of effective writing, wherein the more specific you make something, the more universal it becomes (it’s also what makes so much of the comedy in the Judd Apatow-related films work so well). That being said, Greg Mottola‘s “Adventureland” is my favorite film of the year so far, and it landed a spot on this list for one reason: it has, to my knowledge, the best representation of realizing you’re high ever put on film. That’s right. Forget “Harold and Kumar” and “Cheech and Chong.” About halfway in, there’s a scene in which the main character, James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg), is sharing a joint after hours with the resident bimbo at their place of employment. I won’t spoil it with some turgid explanation, but anyone that has ever smoked pot will recognize that scene as pitch perfect.

willy wonka9. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

Now, just because I think there’s more to get out of smoking pot than laughter and an increased appetite does not mean I view either as unworthy, unpleasant consequences. Here is a film that plays to one of those effects quite intensely while simultaneously bombarding the viewer with an ass-load of psychedelic imagery and eccentricity guaranteed to enhance any stoned experience. There’s only one other children’s film on this list that is more trippy than this one and I think that fact speaks to the true nature of a marijuana high (apart from the aforementioned “giggles and munchies”). I don’t know if this goes for everyone, but after I smoke, I tend to behold all things with a child-like sense of wonder and watching this film as a stoned adult really brings you back to that innocent perceptual capacity you once had as a child. It’s a nice way to renew your imagination. Also, that edible room looks damn tasty.

punch-drunk love 8. Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

Paul Thomas Anderson is one of my favorite filmmakers. So is Stanley Kubrick. “Punch-Drunk Love,” PTA’s Adam Sandler vehicle from ’02, is a really eccentric, subverted rom-com with the aesthetic–albeit a slightly warmer tone–of a Kubrick film. Also, it’s the first time Adam Sandler did anything worth discussing and it just so happened to be fucking fantastic. Now, we saw more of that brilliance in “Funny People” (another great Apatow film), but I fear we might not see it again for another half a decade. In any case, this may not be the first thing you think of for a movie to watch high — why is this film a distinguished viewing necessity for any stoner? No one smokes in the film. No one even mentions it. In fact, smoking a joint is probably the furthest thing from a possibility for the main character. However, the film is gorgeous to look at, ambitious, strange, and the soundtrack is just right (“He Needs Me,” anyone?). I keep referring to the heightened emotional acuity you acquire after smoking, and smoking before you watch this film is laying down the foundation for an exceptional experience.

the lion king disney movie7. The Lion King (1994)

Children’s films and television shows are often said to function as entertainment for both their target audience and stoned adults. Sometimes, this dual purpose almost seems intended (“Puff the Magic Dragon,” “H.R. Pufnstuf”), but I find that kind of transparent pandering to be a little annoying and I avoid it. “The Lion King,” on the other hand, makes no clear attempt to entertain that specific demographic and for that reason–you guessed it–it winds up doing exactly that! The opening sequence alone is sufficient evidence for its placement on a list of movies to watch while high, and that’s not just because it has bright colors and loud music. I mean, it certainly does have beautiful imagery and a huge musical number, but they serve to provide an impeccable visual and emotional context for the film: a film that made me cry when I saw it in theaters as a little boy. Hopefully, a recurring theme on this Top 10 will be the heightened emotional acuity one undertakes when high (a phenomenon known as pseudo-profundity). Every meager emotional brush stroke has the potential to floor you and any philosophical inkling has the potential to make sense of it all. “Circle of Life”? You bet your ass.

last temptation christ scorsese6. The Last Temptation of Christ (1987)

This may seem like an odd choice to some, but I’ll rest my case on a few key elements that make this Martin Scorsese film perfect viewing for someone under the influence of tetrahydrocannabinol. First of all, the film is moving and beautiful to begin with, so seeing it high elevates these dimensions to a staggering level. I’m as secular as they come, but this is an artful, mature portrayal of Christ (as I’m sure you’ve been made aware in the 20+ years since its release) and it really hits home. There’s the soundtrack by Peter Gabriel that is at once both chaotic and heartbreaking. The way the Palm Sunday sequence is scored is so goddamn glorious I can hardly stand it after I’ve cleared a bowl. With this movie, Scorsese achieved something I’m certain he never envisioned: a religious experience for pot-smoking atheists. Thanks, Marty.

wizard of oz 19395. The Wizard of Oz (1939)

This and “Willy Wonka” really are cut from the same cloth. It’s almost cheating putting them on the same list, but I couldn’t bring myself to choose one and wind up shortchanging the other. What do I even need to tell you about this movie to make my case? Everyone in the world has seen it and almost everyone in the world has smoked weed. The film has its drug references, but that has nothing to do with its appropriateness in this particular category (’cause we all know heroin and marijuana are on opposite ends of the spectrum). I’m not going to say this is good high viewing because of the color palette or the music, although those things don’t hurt. No. It’s a great movie to get high to because there’s a complete, wonderful world created onscreen and it’s an ideal place to be. Smoke a bowl and tell me you’re not there. “There’s no place like home.” And there’s no place like Oz on some cush.

eternal sunshine gondry4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Much in the same vein as “Punch-Drunk Love,” Michel Gondry‘s “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is a remarkably moving, visually exciting, inventive masterpiece starring a comedic actor in his best performance ever. So, again, why is a film such as this a valid entry on this list? And why did that rhyme? I’ll answer the former. It’s not because the film is jam-packed with personified imagination in the form of crazy, true-to-their-meaning special effects. It’s because, like so many other films I’ve mentioned, there’s beauty in it. That’s the reason I chose this instead of Gondry’s other visual masterpiece, “The Science of Sleep.” That’s a great film, too, but it’s nowhere near this one in terms of lasting emotional impact. And impact is what it’s all about, here. Why limit oneself to shitty, low-brow comedies and potato chips? Why not watch something really terrific and spend some goddamn time in the kitchen?

immortal beloved 19943. Immortal Beloved (1994)

I smoked a lot of pot when I was younger. Then, inexplicably, I stopped. Out of nowhere (and due to some pretty shaky reasoning), I called it quits and didn’t so much as take a hit for about two and a half years. But things happen. People mature. So, when I started smoking again about a year and a half ago, I had a lot to catch up on. And there were two things I wanted to experience under the influence more than anything (things like mountain climbing are best delegated to sober me). Number 1: “Plainsong” by The Cure. And number 2: “Immortal Beloved.” what makes this such a great movie to watch high? Ignoring the film’s richness and imaginative excess, I had honed in on one scene which cultivated in me an agonizing eagerness: near the end of his life, during a concert, Ludwig Van Beethoven (Gary Oldman) imagines (or remembers with a bit of embellishment?) himself as a young boy escaping his father’s wrath and running to a pool in the middle of the forest near his home. He takes off his shirt and shoes and lies down in the water. As “Ode to Joy” plays on the soundtrack, the camera pulls back and reveals the boy in a sea of stars. It’s goddamn breathtaking. And seeing it high for the first time, I thought my head was going to explode.

ponyo 20092. Ponyo (2009)

“Jellyfish float freely as schools of brightly colored fish swim by. Their movements are balletic. Pockets of color burst intermittently and there are innumerable fantastic creatures gliding above and scurrying atop the seabed. There’s a tall man with long, flowing red hair standing inside a giant bubble at the edge of some kind of aquatic vehicle. He’s squirting droplets of golden liquid onto the ground which explode into rainbows.” Read the full article here.

2001 space odyssey kubrick1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Throwing caution to the wind, I will now make a definitive statement: Stanley Kubrick‘s “2001: A Space Odyssey” is the best movie one could possibly watch while high. Period. The idea for this very list came to me while watching it. And I knew then, too, that it would be number one. I knew that even before it got to the kaleidoscopic-dimension-shifting segment. Watching “The Dawn of Man,” I was convinced. One of the many strengths of this movie is its willingness to leave so much open. Not open to interpretation, mind you, but to projection. There isn’t a scene throughout with anything mapped out for the viewer. It’s all lovingly crafted, thought-provoking, visually superb empty space. And what better than a drug-addled mind to fill in all those gaps? With the circumstances delineated in this Top 10, you sit there and think, “Why do other activities exist? Why can’t getting high and watching this exact movie be the goal of every human life?” Perhaps I’m exaggerating, but you give this one a shot and tell me you’re not enraptured. I don’t even think you have to smoke pot regularly to see why this is the obvious, rightful choice. Evidence? Moments before I was about to watch it high for the first time, I caught Eric online and sent him an instant message. I explained the situation to him and, while I’m having trouble recalling his exact words, his sentiment was clear: “Godspeed.”

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1 Reed September 22, 2009 at 7:30 am

I was going down the list and not seeing 2001 and starting to get a bit perturbed. But then you put it in its rightful place.

I haven’t had a puff in a VERY long time (at least 15 years), and I can’t even remember the movies we decided would make good pot-watching. Hmmmm, maybe there’s some kind of reason for that.

Also, I would imagine that Young Frankenstein would be great. Am I off base?


2 steven g. September 22, 2009 at 8:46 am

What a truly worthless top 10. The copious amount of bud you “claim” you have smoked has not added to your creative capacities it has only eviscerated it, i.e. this top 10 list! This list based soley on personal experiences resembles more a stream of consciousness,than a list based on thoughtful explanations of why someone should actually watch a movie stoned!


3 Alyssa October 16, 2011 at 7:33 pm

this is the best comment ever haha.
i was thinking the same’s like the worst list ever!!


4 Kenny September 22, 2009 at 12:21 pm

These are very good entries I must say. Very eclectic. You can always add the standards of Strange Brew, Heavy Metal, (Eric’s favorite) the Big Lebowski, Ghost Dog, and my two personal preferences of Wonder Boys and Fantasia.


5 blackpage September 22, 2009 at 2:13 pm

Ya’ll are a buncha noobs haha. 2001 #1? Yeah, when I’m tokin I really want to watch a 3 hour long slowly paced art film, that usually puts the average non-inebriated viewer to sleep. It’s not a complete loss though. Play the last chapter (20 minutes or so) in combination with Pink Floyd Echos, stoner.


6 Shawn Rock September 22, 2009 at 2:54 pm

Yes…I believe this list is a personal choice. Willy Wonka is one of my tops. Missing: Heavy Metal (for it’s phallus-ness),The Jerk, Beetlejuice, Clockwork Orange, and Pink Flamingos. : )


7 Eric Melin September 22, 2009 at 3:16 pm

Speaking of choices; off the top of my head: Speed Racer, Blade Runner, Mulholland Dr., Metropolis, Bride of Frankenstein, Life Aquatic, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Invisible Man, Starship Troopers, Zodiac, Moulin Rouge, Dark City, Brazil, Aguirre: The Wrath of God, and (duh) 2001.


8 David Jake November 6, 2013 at 7:45 am

I agree totally with Metropolis. A silent film that is just Bizarre. Brazil I have never seen stoned but bet it would be great. Bride of Frankenstein & 2001 have possibilities but the others are just movies.


9 jontv September 22, 2009 at 5:27 pm

Off the top of my head, here’s just a few I found trippy (including some I would not recommend without chemical enhancement):

Waking Life
Strange Days
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Terry Gilliam)
Gates of Heaven
Dr. Strangelove
Fearless (kind of intense, though)
Any Buster Keaton shorts (especially SHERLOCK Jr.)

The stoner film guide BAKED POTATOES is a fun read, even if you don’t use it for its intended purpose.


10 Phil Fava September 22, 2009 at 5:49 pm

steven g. – Did you even read what I wrote or did you just skim through the titles and conclude that nonsense? I say right off the bat, “I’ve smoked a *decent amount* of pot in my life.” I never advertise myself as some reigning pothead. Chill out. And what’s your issue with this list being a collection of personal choices? Should I have asked for someone else’s top 10 movies to watch while high? Should I have done a study on the relationship between the effects of films and marijuana on neurotransmitters? Also, my intention was not to advocate watching movies stoned; it was to advocate watching these specific movies if you happen to be in that capacity.

blackpage – Not all stoners have ADD.

Eric, Reed, Kenny, Shawn, and jontv have the right idea. This is meant to be inclusive. Great selections, by the way.


11 Matthew September 22, 2009 at 6:13 pm

The only time I’ve gotten high, my friend made me watch Yellow Submarine.


12 Capt. Sci-Fi (Eric C.) September 22, 2009 at 7:11 pm

Never been stoned, Never liked a Kubrick film…perhaps there’s a coralation.


13 joe September 22, 2009 at 8:19 pm

You’re missing the qatsi series. Watching Koyaanisqatsi while stoned is amazing!


14 Frank September 22, 2009 at 8:28 pm

My two cents:

Lair of the White Worm
Anything by Hayao Miyazaki
Kurosowa’s Dreams, just the mountain climbing part
Super Troopers (obvious choice)
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

I do NOT recommend Waking Life. I recommend the movie, just not high. In the same way I don’t recommend seeing the Butthole Surfers on acid. It’s freaky enough as is.


15 jontv September 23, 2009 at 12:32 am

Waking Life is probably a judgement call. It depends on personal preference and the kind of high we’re talking about.


16 Xavier September 23, 2009 at 3:18 am

don’t really see how you figured that only two are kid’s films lion king and ponyo definitely are and wizard of oz and willy wonka and the chocolate factory are a 1/2 1/2 spilt at most. To be honest, pretty pointless list, seemed like it was more of a justification for destructive habits, trying to disguise it as a philosophical, thought provoking experience


17 Mike September 23, 2009 at 4:36 am

Nice list. Haven’t been high since 1986, so cannot speak to most of the movies on your list, but I appreciate your reasoning. I agree that some movies try too hard to be stoner movies and usually miss the mark. I strongly recommend Alice in Wonderland ( The original Disney movie), blew me away.


18 Travis September 23, 2009 at 6:40 am

I had the weird honor of seeing Evil Dead 2 two nights in a row, both midnight showings. One of these nights i saw it sober as a bird and having seen it before was prepared to giggle my way through it. The second night i was stoned and everything i remembered from the night before was gone. So i sat there, stoned, and watched Evil Dead 2 (not that scary of a movie) and proceeded to get very freaked out. After leaving i thought to myself what a wonderful experiment that would be.

P.S. I had a friend that only watched movies high, and if he liked them enough he’d go back and watch them sober.


19 Dana September 23, 2009 at 10:08 am

Travis you beat me to it! I was just going to throw EVIL DEAD into the mix. I was totally blown the first time I watched that film and decided to name the characters after my friends. Since I had never seen it before I didn’t know my fate would be the girl being raped by the tree, ahh!


20 steven g. September 23, 2009 at 11:14 am

Yes, and I prefer reading lists that don’t involved long drawn out personal narratives about why a movie should be listed in a top 10


21 Phil Fava September 23, 2009 at 1:54 pm

Xavier – I never said only two of the films were children’s films. I said there was only one other children’s film MORE trippy than “Willy Wonka” on the list. And as for “destructive habits,” what can I even say? Should I present information about marijuana’s therapeutic value? Should I invoke its total lack of fatalities?

steven g. – Explaining a film’s placement IS explaining why it’s a good movie to watch high because that’s the point of the list.

Frank – Love Kurosawa, but haven’t seen that one. I pretty much feel that most great movies are worthy stoned viewing. And I’m glad we’re on the same page with Miyazaki!

Mike – I can imagine “Alice in Wonderland” being something to behold.

Travis – Would you classify that experience as rewarding overall? And I think I have your friend’s formula backwards.

Dana – You were so high that you were able to rename the characters convincingly???


22 Xavier September 23, 2009 at 3:47 pm

do I need to explain the long term effects of marijuana use and zero fatalaties, maybe not from overdose but again long term effects and the increased chance of accident from impaired judgement/senses. While under the influence of anything that alters one’s mental state any opinions or interpretations of art cannot be taken too seriously


23 Phil Fava September 23, 2009 at 6:04 pm

Don’t “explain” anything, Xavier. Present valid information on the subject (tidbits from D.A.R.E. class don’t count).


24 Xavier September 24, 2009 at 12:56 am

I would also like to see valid information that supports zero fatalities. Yes there are therapeutic benefits and it is used to help with treatment of some diseases, there have even been studies that show it prevents the onset of alzheimers, but there are equally studies that show other long term effects on the brain from continued use, it is too soon for all the long term effects to be known. Please don’t think me a naive anti-drug nut, I am studying biomedical science at university here in Australia I do know what I’m talking about


25 IKnow April 3, 2014 at 10:24 am

I would have to say that you do not know what you are talking about. And the zero fatalities that the author of the post mentioned. You could maybe check the journal of medicine. And while smoking the plant I.e. Inhalation of soot and ash not good but oils and vaporizing or even edibles are just fine.
if you would like to know where most of the anti-pot literature and propaganda today stem from, then you should watch reefer madness.
this country was founded on hemp. And who grew hemp? The natives. Enough said.


26 Trey Hock April 4, 2014 at 6:32 am

If we ever make a “Top 10 Comments Written While Stoned/High” this will easily make my top 3. Love the Reefer Madness reference!


27 Angel September 24, 2009 at 11:15 am

I’ve only seen 4 of the 10 on this list, and Adventureland was the only one I saw while high. It looks like a good list, tho I was surprised that Fantasia didn’t make it. I think that would have to be my favorite stoner movie as you can “see” the music. That and the fact it was a large part of my childhood.. watched it everyday for a LONG time. Some of my other favorites to watch high include Honey I shrunk the kids (’s awsome), BOLT (so funny!!), The Golden Compass (amazing!), The Labyrinth (strange) and Strange Wilderness (hilarious). Im going to watch Star Wars for the first time this weekend, should be good..


28 Alex September 24, 2009 at 4:05 pm

Interesting picks…Here are some more that no one has mentioned: Apocolypse Now Redux, The Crow, What Dreams May Come, Contact, Gladiator, Forrest Gump, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Blow, Lord of War, Stargate, Gattaca, The Fifth Element, ANY Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Star Trek movie. I have watched ALL of these stoned and found them to be amazing, especially if you use a vaporizer(plus its a proven fact that it’s healthier, you get more THC out of the bud, and every hit tastes 10x better than smoking)! Enjoy responsibly!!


29 Charlie September 24, 2009 at 4:47 pm

Good list. Some filmmakers always seem to somehow cater to that state of mind – that would make an interesting list itself. I’m thinking of guys like Kubrick, David Lynch, Terence Malick, PT Anderson…solid gold every time. And though they don’t belong to the “Royal Road” of cinema, the best films to watch while high are experimental works by Brakhage, McLaren, Bill Viola, etc.


30 Alex September 24, 2009 at 4:55 pm

I forgot to mention Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Into the Wild, Sin City, Kill Bill 1 & 2, and plenty more that I can’t think of because I’m stoned lol. =)


31 Phil Fava September 24, 2009 at 11:39 pm

Alex – I almost put “What Dreams May Come” on the list. And I felt “Star Wars” was too similar to “2001″ in terms of experiential content, and I wanted to avoid any additional repeats.

Also, it should be noted that I’m currently super fucking high. Cheers!


32 cleavy September 28, 2009 at 6:03 pm

Pretty nice list, Phil! I’d also like to mention that, in my opinion, it’s well presented, well supported, and well written.


33 Cedes September 28, 2009 at 11:34 pm

Yo this list sucks. Have you ever been high? I wanna see some messed up shit. and some really high shit. at the same time. maybe some funny shit too. Ponyo, are you serious? Ponyo? How bout Half Baked? or The Big Lebowski? Let it be known, Cedes is for real.


34 Rich McPherson September 29, 2009 at 10:54 am

How could you leave Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” off the list?

I agree with those that said The Big Lebowski. My ex-girlfriend and I used to play a game with that movie: whenever “the Dude” lit up, we had to follow suit.

Come to think of it, that’s probably why she’s no longer my girlfriend!


35 Phil Fava September 29, 2009 at 1:25 pm

cleavy – Thank you very much.

Cedes – You’re silly.

Rich – Easy: I haven’t seen that one high. Didn’t want to be dishonest!


36 Sigvaldi Thor October 1, 2009 at 7:08 pm

finally a list thats not populated by comedies. My fav movie when im stoned is 2001: a space Odyssey. Sounds like i need to see immortal beloved though, just your description of the movie makes me want to get stoned. Planning on seeing fantasia soon aswell but why does no one ever say Tron ? that movie is just pure awesomeness after a toke.


37 angela October 4, 2009 at 12:43 am

I don’t smoke, but I highly (pun intended) recommend William Hurt in Altered States. So messed up, that I’ve watched it a few times just to pick up little things missed before. You won’t be disappointed.


38 MrChong October 12, 2009 at 4:07 am

there’s a pretty good website that has a bunch of movies, tv shows and documentaries to watch while stoned


39 Babaganoush October 15, 2009 at 8:46 pm

- Cat Soup (Some weird japanese anime with no spoken dialog… think japanese Dumbo in art mode) was sober for this one and the following, both still tripped me out.
- Inland Empire (David Lynch’ newest installment, a collection of short films, any lynch film is F***in weird).
- Dumbo (tripaliffic)
- The Fountain (Darren Aronofsky, may remember him from Requiem for a dream, this ones a lil depressing, but the underlying message is beautiful and subjective… visually astounding for a small budget).
- Pans Labyrinth (Guillermo Del Torro, cuz he’s the BULL!!!)
- Totally agree with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind(also, for a bonus watch some of his music videos).
- Pink Floyd’ the Wall, and Yellow Submarine (looks like others agree).
- Another Kubrick classic I liked a lil better for the occasion was Eyes Wide Shut.
- HARRY POTTER MOVIES… if u like them awesome… if you don’t whatev… visually astounding and amazing story, I prefer the ones after Prisoner of Azkaban.
- Kevin Smith’s Films:D


40 Babaganoush October 15, 2009 at 8:50 pm

Oh and agree with Alex on the Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal


41 Chris Price October 20, 2009 at 1:03 am

Here’s my list of the Top 20 movies to watch while stoned in no order:

The Big Lebowski
Stardust Memories
Being There
The Holy Mountain
2001: A Space Odyssey
Waking Life
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Run Lola Run
Duck Soup
Alice In Wonderland
Mullholland Dr.
Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
Days Of Heaven
Half Baked
Yellow Submarine
The Lord Of The Rings trilogy (straight through, will need about 15 jays)
Grindhouse (theatrical cut)
The Princess Bride


42 wayne s. October 27, 2009 at 2:06 pm

Dazed and Confused
it certainly helped me when I was stoned in high school


43 emory November 2, 2009 at 1:57 pm

Loved the list Phil! I just discovered this site and I’m working through the articles now, I really love the writers and the comment conversations are great! As an avid toker I can’t tell you how great it was to stumble on this site for the other articles (actually the top overlooked movies of the past 5 years) and then to find such a great stoner-friendly piece as well! Way to go man.
By the way, good job putting down the trolls. “Destructive Habit” this is not.


44 wayne swab November 2, 2009 at 4:11 pm

some of the greatest movies to watch while baked
Kentucky Fried MOvie
Holy Grail
Life of Brian
Dazed and Confused
The Warriors
Spinal Tap
Slap Shot
Fast Times
Royal Tennenbaums
Beer Fest
Super Troopers
Team America: world Police


45 tori November 3, 2009 at 4:41 am

you know how dark side meshes perfectly with the wizard of oz? try watching THAT high.


46 Josh November 4, 2009 at 1:32 am

I’ve seen most of these movies and you have an excellent selection. If you get the opportunity, consider Quest for Fire. It’s a great movie to watch if your high. Hence the title, cavemen lose their fire and don’t know how to make it. Lots of unintentional humor and no dialog.


47 Andrew November 13, 2009 at 9:43 am

This is a wonderfully written and useful article


48 Droogy_237 November 23, 2009 at 9:11 am

The Shining stoned is a trip! Also, Day of the Dead(80′s version)… The score on that film alone makes u a lil edgy. Nice lil ride!


49 Droogy_237 November 23, 2009 at 9:13 am

Stay OUT of room 237!!!!


50 Kirby November 27, 2009 at 5:39 am

Phil, it’s a testament to how good this list is, that the comments tearing it apart are ALL riddled with grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Also, someone mentioned The Fountain… I watched it high once, but also tripping on mushrooms… totally mind-blowing. It was just about the very limit of what my brain could possibly handle.

I think my favorite stoned movie of all time is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… epic storytelling, fucking spellbinding shots of gorgeous landscape, and Clint Eastwood being the ultimate badass. Also, kudos to whoever mentioned Heavy Metal… that movie + a fat bowl + shitty delivery food = how I spent (probably too) many college nights.


51 Dan December 12, 2009 at 7:19 pm

To be quite honest this list is pretty shit, there is so many better lists out there…
personaly when i get super baked the best things to watch are aqua teen hunger force and trailer park boys is awsome!


52 vladimir December 14, 2009 at 11:28 am

All that talk about watching movies stoned, and only one mention (on the 10th place) of Kevin Smith movies? By far the best movies to see when high for me. All of them.


53 Luke December 24, 2009 at 5:16 pm

To be honest this is the best list of it’s sort I’ve ever seen. We must be similar types of stoners or something. Somebody who truly understands just how marijuana can enhance an aesthetic experience outside of giggling at dick jokes in dime-a-dozen comedies.


54 kurt December 29, 2009 at 9:10 pm

GO . It’s about 10 yrs old but it’s awsome with a good buzz. Also try Running scared


55 Joey January 3, 2010 at 10:02 pm

Guys I netflixed all these films. I’ll watch them stoned and then let you know.

p.s. a great idea – rent foreign films and watch them without subtitles. Like hong kong action, thai fighting ones, or bollywood musical comedies. “Chocolate” (2008) for instance is a thai film with a girl that is a autistic and a “kung fu genius.”


56 Joey January 5, 2010 at 12:36 am

Just finished “Immortal Beloved” while high (still high in fact).

The scene you describe in the review is awesome, but overall I thought it was a terrible recommendation.

By half way through the film I was like “WTF this is boring.”

3/4ths the way I was like “Beethoven is a jerk this movie is stupid.”

Then at the end I was like “OMG everyone is irrational – why did I sit through this movie?”

My girlfriend (while high) concurs. I would recommend a Star Trek episode instead. Star Trek is GREAT high!


57 Dane January 6, 2010 at 11:04 pm

Only seen a few of these but seems a mighty fine list.
as others have said, i would include alice in wonderland, fear and loathing (but only makes sense once you’ve done what Thompson did).
i’m surprised no one mentioned The Number 23, that movie will trip you out good if you can be bothered to do the maths =P


58 wayne s January 8, 2010 at 12:29 pm

While shooting a movie in northern Cali, and one night we were “sitting around” and PERFECT came on Tv. We watched it without sound, and I have never laughed so hard at a film in my life.


59 Xraided January 11, 2010 at 9:44 pm

Forgive me if these have been mentioned, I quit reading 2/3 of the way down. “Mirrors” was pretty interesting stoned, a little freaky. I don’t smoke very much at all but when I do I make sure youtube and netflix are readily available! I watched “Southland Tales” sober, then figured i’d watch it really high, that movie is a fuckin mess either way you watch it, entertaining as hell while stoned because it makes absolutely no sense. “Drawn Together” any episode of the 3 seasons are great to watch high, makes south park look like the muppet babies. I actually laughed my ass off watching that horrible prequel “Dumb and Dumberer” when I was high of course. I don’t have some elaborate explanation of why they’re good to watch high, just happened to be what I picked out during random smoke sessions, and turned out great. I’d be too afraid to watch “Primer” while baked, but if I ever get a hold of some super dank shit I might. Any of the Cohen brothers movies would be awesome i’m sure. Suprised I didn’t see “Memento” on anyones list unless I missed it, that would be a trip. Now i’m just rambling and probably testing the limits of your concentration. Anyway, feedback would be sweet!


60 Xraided January 11, 2010 at 9:55 pm

Damn I almost forgot, “Thunderheart” in my opinion is Val Kilmer’s best performance by far. That movie stoned, is epic! Loosely based on true events that happened in the 70′s, on the Sioux Indian reservations in South Dakota, with of course a mythical twist. Badass movie, just smoke up and let your mind go with it.


61 Only Smart Person January 19, 2010 at 5:04 am

1. Brazil directed by Terry Gilliam is absolutely nuts
2. Vanilla Sky directed by Cameron Crowe is a total trip if you’re terrible at predicting movies like I am
3. Labyrinth while nearing incapacitated stoned is a real trip and Jennifer Connely is fucking *hot*
4. Fear And Loathing, also directed by Terry Gilliam is fun if you’re into that sort of thing

How are these not on here?


62 Karan March 31, 2010 at 6:37 am

Nice list bro!!!So high right nw watched all d movies!Cheers!


63 Lindsay May 12, 2010 at 11:44 am

My tops:

The Darjeeling Limited
Little Miss Sunshine
The Bourne Trilogy
Charlie Bartlett
Garden State
Hot Fuzz
Shaun of the Dead
Knocked Up
The original “Little Women” with Katherine Hepburn. Seriously hilarious

there are many more..


64 Claydback July 22, 2010 at 8:50 pm

I was going through this list and comments and was utterly distraught noone mentioned my top stoner movie:

Fantasia (both versions are equally epic)


65 G July 22, 2010 at 9:43 pm

what happened to the followup to this list? i went to re-read it and the link was dead


66 WulfPac214 July 26, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Nice list………but would have been better if you had included Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas……thats one movie that really blasts you out of your mind when high


67 keviin August 23, 2010 at 1:49 pm

fantasia was mentioned… i dont know why it was lame i have the vhs still haha

my story of the best movie ever was 5 or so in the morning at my buddies house and we all wanted to pass out so we thought we would put on a shitty movie and go to sleep, we debated shit movies decided kevin kostner sucks and watched waterworld… roughly 2.5 hours later we were all awake and hella entertained

PS. Do Not Watch Waterworld Not Baked, Its Terrible.


68 Ram November 5, 2010 at 11:32 pm

The list is good, but I believe that it’s heavily dependent on the individual. From personal experience, the best movies to watch baked are a subset of the ones you’d personally enjoy non-baked.

Now for my contribution: When I saw the trailer for this one movie, I immediately knew that I’d found one of the best stoner movies of all time. As soon as the movie released, I got myself a HD version and watched it when I was baked.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

[The movie is a masterpiece; it's _awesome_ even when you're not baked. I'm can't be sure, but I don't think non-geeks enjoy it as much.]

Another awesome movie to watch, only if you have a massive monitor (read: More than 24”) and excellent sound system: Baraka. It’s filmed in 24 countries in TODD-AO format! Watch only when totally baked.


69 Eric Melin November 8, 2010 at 1:25 pm

Ram- I didn’t know they were still filming movies in Todd-AO. Crazy. Agree about Scott Pilgrim. It wasn’t out at the time of this Top 10′s writing–great film!


70 Piotr Krzyzek November 21, 2010 at 6:09 am

A great restoration of a fun Beatles movie, even if the Beatles themselves had little to do with it. Very colorful and great music, of course. Sit back and let the evening go.


71 britt December 8, 2010 at 7:46 pm

I LOVE BEING HIGH, but you are all wrong. Watch movies like “HOW HIGH” and stay in that genre. THATS THE MEANING OF BEING HIGH

ABOUT Space Odyssey 2001, here is a review

worst movie ever….OKOKOK for the time visualy stunning even by todays standards and without CGI! which by far has taken story out of movies nowa days…but im sorry 1.75hrs of crap music and space scenes for what is like 30 min total dialog and story….story sucks, hal sucks, acting sucks, whom ever really likes this movie sucks,pls stop seeding this movie…i seed everything and i deleted it as soon as i saw it,f**k Il never get back those 2+ hours of my life GOD this SUCKED and i love ALL movies,maby if i was a simpleton born in the mid 50′s,and had drool leaking from the corner of my lip,this maby would hav been good,NO AMOUNT OF DR.UGS OF ANY TYPE WILL HELP. but my thanx to the uploader v10/a10 my dl speed was about 1112 the whole time came in about 30 min. WARNING BAD MOVIE>>>>SHIT ACTING BAD MOVIE!!! BAD MUSIC…but it had a point MABY WE SHOULDNT PUT ALL OUR TRUST INTO MACHINES!!!!!!


72 Presley Bulley April 20, 2012 at 12:09 pm

If you think someone is a simpleton for enjoying this film you couldnt be more wrong. This movie is made for people who like to think and interpret what they have seen , if you interpret it to be a shit film thats ok but if you just abuse the people who liked it then you’re the simpleton because you’re clearly so narrow minded that just cause you thought it was bullshit does’nt mean it cant be a masterpiece for others. Personally i thought it was beautiful, my favour part was Dawn of man just shows how special we really are.


73 joe December 14, 2010 at 12:13 pm

there’s a great site completely dedicated to high/trippy movies. . you should check it out for ideas. i’ve been going there for months now, and they’re constantly adding great films.


74 luc December 16, 2010 at 7:18 pm

i agree 1010% with the person that posted how high is a great movie. as for this list, it sucks. if you wanna watch stupid shit like this you could watch them with any drug you like and 9 times out of 10 they still wouldn’t be as good, compared to if you watch
How High
Pineapple Express (obviously)
Tenacious D
Cheech and Chong
Harold and Kumar
Pink Floyd The Wall
Alice In Wonderland (3D would blow your mind)
Half baked
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (or Clerks)
Dazed and Confused
There’s your fucking top ten, i have to admit there are probably some better choices and some people won’t agree on some of these… but my main advice on watching movies stoned, don’t watch boring shit, either watch something fuckin mind blowing or funny as fuck that would make you laught your ass off.


75 December 29, 2010 at 3:21 pm

These movies are ok I guess but Ponyo is a must and if you want to get a real stoner list of movies get netflix its all stoner movies haah


76 Shelby January 30, 2011 at 9:32 am

Umm…….Hello??? What about Alice in Wonderland?? Honestly, I’m disappointed.


77 manda February 14, 2011 at 8:20 pm

here’s a list of a few of my favorites that I didn’t see mentioned

Grandma’s Boy
The Doom Generation
Detroit Rock City
Don’t Be a Menace to South Central
Get Him to the Greek
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Old School
The Breakfast Club
Smiley Face


78 Dabs April 8, 2011 at 5:11 am

This list is the best ive seen most others are movies about stoners but these movies are good to watch stoned


79 Alyssa October 16, 2011 at 7:35 pm

absolutely horrible list. do you even smoke?


80 Phil Fava October 18, 2011 at 9:52 pm

I do smoke (as I’m pretty sure a thorough reading would indicate), but said right off the bat I wasn’t writing a list of the top ten “best stoner flicks.” I don’t know about you, but after I smoke, dazzling visuals and challenging ideas are way more entertaining than watching other people get high unconvincingly.


81 oxman November 8, 2011 at 9:53 am

The BESTTTTTT movie I have ever watched stoned was “Ponyo on a cliff by the sea”. It is so thick with creative enrgy. It is a Japanese animation movie. Brilliant.


82 oxman November 8, 2011 at 9:56 am

And hey it’s on the list……I am a retard


83 thomas December 5, 2011 at 5:02 pm

hey 2 of my mates made this website, its still not 100% finished but theres plenty of trippy nd holarious movies to watch when baked. its called


84 Allison December 27, 2011 at 4:38 am

That’s exactly what I do! When I’m high, I often watch them twice in a row because I want to see all of the foreshadowing when it isn’t “foreshadowing” anymore. Watching movies this way when I’m stoned has a way of “deepening” even the most mediocre movies in the world, so I never recommend movies to anyone until I liked it enough to watch (and still like) sober.


85 chris March 30, 2012 at 5:46 pm

dude ur list is really bad. start with movies like dazed and confused and fast times at ridgemont high and dont forgot cheech and chongs up in smoke and fear and loathing. smoke pot and watch the 4 here and u should love them. after that try blow, pulp fiction, tron, friday, and so on


86 Hood April 3, 2012 at 8:56 pm

Kudos on the list man. Seen almost all of them and I couldn’t agree more. Funny story about Willy Wonka…the other day I was high as shit and ordered it off Amazon and by the time I was off my high I had completely forgotten I had ordered it. So a few days later I was baked again, went outside to check the mail, and excited is an understatement when I opened the mailbox to find that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was in there! Rolled up a j and watched it. Incredible movie.


87 Phil Fava April 13, 2012 at 7:10 pm

“To be honest this is the best list of it’s sort I’ve ever seen. We must be similar types of stoners or something. Somebody who truly understands just how marijuana can enhance an aesthetic experience outside of giggling at dick jokes in dime-a-dozen comedies.”
- Luke the Stoner



88 Ceci April 13, 2013 at 11:29 pm

I’m a little surprised 1951′s “Alice In Wonderland” didn’t make the list, to be honest. I’ve seen some YouTube comments about that, and it seems pretty insane… :|


89 k \\ June 24, 2013 at 10:56 pm

Im stoned right now and that comment whacked me out wow


90 Franz August 26, 2014 at 2:15 pm

i just wanted to read about the lion king and chill but it’s so funny, hopefully the comments are nice as well. fuuck, you guys knew only stoned people would read article like this


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