Walton Goggins

Its only fitting to end with weird year with the possibly the weirdest Christmas movie of all time. Fatman answers the age old question of “What if Santa was actually badass?” Gibson and Goggins star in the bloody Christmas epic.


The acting is engaging, but the ensemble drama ‘Three Christs’ is let down by a dull script.


Coming after the recent Avengers: Infinity War, where the fate of literally half of the entire universe was at stake, the micro stakes (literally and figuratively) of this film are refreshing.


Tomb Raider’s action is pretty sweet and Alicia Vikander is great, but the script is so cliched and boring, it’s oddly disappointing even for a movie based on a video game.


Those that don’t have the capacity to find some sliver of perverse humor in point-blank headshots, projectile blood vomiting, aggressive rape scenes, and cold blooded murder probably won’t like The Hateful Eight. That’s their loss, though, for the rest of us that have followed Tarantino on his cinematic gallop through the last 20-plus years have come to expect nothing less, and in the director’s eighth offering, he most certainly does not disappoint.

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Jesse Eisenberg stars in American Ultra, a spy movie/stoner movie hybrid that plays a lot like if Jason Bourne worked at the same convenience store as Dante and Randal.


Hey-o! A late post for the podcast this week. Sorry about that. This week, Trey talks The Host, while Trevan and Eric talk G.I. Joe: Retaliation and The Gatekeepers. Lastly, Eric takes on On The Road on his own.


G.I. Joe: Retaliation is not high art. It is a sequel to a movie that is based on a 1980s bit of brand fusion that combined a toy line with a cartoon and comic books. It’s an obvious piece of nostalgia farming for a series that was honestly never that great, it is just remembered as […]