vera farmiga

Robert Downey Jr.’s new cinematic vehicle, gives the viewer just enough salt, just enough of the bile of family life, in an attempt to cover the overly manipulative and sentimental story. In spite of a remarkable cast, and a handful of exceptional moments, The Judge falls prey to the emotional wish fulfillment of most estranged father and son stories.


‘The Conjuring’ very much feels like a 1970s horror film, before slashers were haunting teenage dreams and well before found footage became the way to make a story feel real.


Director Daniel Espinosa presents ‘Safe House’ with lots of handheld shaky-cam work and uncomfortable close-ups to make it seem more realistic, which is good—because if you think too much about the plot, you may realize it’s pretty silly stuff.


Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle are the best odd couple of the year and ‘The Guard’ is a very funny black comedy. In the spotty ‘Higher Ground,’ Vera Farmiga plays a woman struggling with her devout Christianity over three decades of her life.