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[Rating: Minor “The Rock” Fist Down] At this point The Rock is like a virus, spreading through Hollywood remaking old properties in his image. Think Agent Smith in the Matrix Revolutions and you’re on the right track. In addition to his hostile takeover of the Fast and the Furious franchise, DJ has a remake of […]


There’s certainly some fun moments, but most of the jokes in the overlong ‘Baywatch’ fall flat.


‘The Fate of the Furious’ is not the best of the bunch but thanks to a strong cast its shockingly entertaining and one of the most thrilling of the series.


From the beginning, Brad Peyton’s San Andreas is a compromised film. Many of the choices to force in exposition and emotional depth undermine the strengths of the disaster film.


This week sees the wide release of director Clint Eastwood’s newest film, American Sniper, which concerns itself with the story of real-life U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Hollywood has showcased the Navy’s premiere Special Forces squad in dozens of films throughout the years, yet a few portrayals have stood out as particularly memorable. Today’s list is a celebration of the movies that took the time to feature Navy SEALS in a badass fashion.


It just doesn’t get much better than a film that takes a few minutes to ratchet up the tension via that classic struggle over which wire to cut so as to defuse a bomb and avert catastrophe. To be fair, it’s a somewhat tired trope that’s been done to death, yet when it is executed well, it’s a slam dunk for that extra pinch of tension screenwriters love to mine for.


It is good for all film snobs, when they want to dismiss Bay as thoughtless and utterly lowbrow, to remember that Criterion put out versions of both The Rock (spine #108) and Armageddon (spine #40). They had good reason to do so.


His slow-motion prowess and action-film chops add a surreal element, but Bay’s camera leers at the world the same way his characters do. He wants to celebrate his “heroes” at the same time he’s making fun of them, but his over-the-top delivery gives him away. On top of that, the constant narration gives away too much of the mystery of their motives and it ends up trying way too hard to be funny.


‘Snitch’ is a character study that’s short on action and a treatise whose true purpose is to lecture the audience on the the evils of mandatory minimum sentencing for drug-related crimes.

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Movie Review: Faster

by Alan Rapp on November 24, 2010

in Print Reviews

After spending 10 years in prison for his part in an armed robbery a man who is only ever referred to as “Driver” or “Ghost” (Dwayne “Stop Calling Me The Rock” Johnson) walks out of the big house and immediately begins to hunt down the men (including Courtney Gains, John Cirigliano, Lester Speight) who robbed […]