The Last Temptation of Christ

The world lost an icon when David Bowie passed away. Perhaps this was due to playing “characters” in his musical life or his knack for being a good showman, but he really knew how to act on film and give compelling performances, even in movies that were not so great.

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Rather than portray Christ (Willem Dafoe) as a person with a benevolent perma-smile whose divine light shines 24/7 , Martin Scorsese (raised a Roman Catholic) and co-screenwriter Paul Schrader (raised as a Calvinist) dare to capture his humanity.


Martin Scorsese has a lot of recurring themes in the movies he’s directed over the last 44 years, but he’s never helmed a 3D kids’ movie. That is until ‘Hugo’ is released on November 23. With that date approaching, I thought it would be a good time to tackle the filmography of Martin Scorsese, one of America’s greatest directors. Here are the Top 10 Martin Scorsese Movies.


“I used to think God was angry, too, but not anymore! He used to jump on me like a wild bird and dig his claws into my head. But then one morning, he came to me. He blew over me like a cool breeze and said, ‘Stand up!’ And here I am.” When “The Last […]