The Dark Knight Rises

Trevan, Eric and Trey do the podcast by phone this week to talk about ‘Beasts Of The Southern Wild’ and fight each other during a spoiler-heavy takedown of ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’


Once the engine is cranked into high gear, Nolan plays takes scary real-world issues—the gap between classes, fear-mongering tactics, and absolutism—to their terrifying physical realization in The Dark Knight Rises.


A note on spoilers: While this review is written spoiler-free, certain elements of the plot are discussed or touched on briefly and carefully. Elements of the film that are revealed explicitly in trailers are mentioned for context, but should you wish to stay in the dark about the film entirely, proceed with caution. The last […]


What does Hollywood have in store for us this year? A couple more superhero flicks, new films by director Wes Anderson and Woody Allen, time travel, a fictional character literally brought to life, and the end of the world.