the cell

Trevan, Trey and Eric welcome newcomers Clair Rock and Adam Brumback as they discuss Snow White And The Huntsman. After that, the group moves on to talk about the painful circumstance of movies that you love that almost everybody else hates. If you have a misunderstood movie that you love, share it with us in […]


Today’s Overlooked Movie Monday looks at an underappreciated film by Tarsem Singh, the visual stylist behind ‘Immortals.’ This is the one film where the director puts all the elements together.


Ultimate Fakebook Tour: Movie Review from the Road The Cell (Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn) Still smarting from Hollow Man‘s hollow depths, (you can only do so much when you’re out on the road) we dragged our sorry asses into a theater to see this crap. For the record, there wasn’t much else available at the time, […]