sylvester stallone

Can’t we just blow up a helicopter like the old days anymore? Do we have to replace it with half-rendered computer effects? Rambo would not be proud.


As long as you know that you are sitting down to enjoy the latest Walter Hill film starring an aging Sylvester Stallone, then you should be well prepared for everything that follows.


‘Bullet to the Head’ is the first Walter Hill movie in 10 years. Walter Hill’s movies are lean, mean man-on-a mission films, and their success lies in a very ethereal trait. Walter Hill’s movies are cool. Here are the Top 10 Coolest Walter Hill Characters.


More ‘Rambo’ than ‘Commando,’ ‘Expendables 2’ has its heart in the right place. There are more callbacks to each actors past catch phrases than any movie should be able to get away with, but then again this is the one movie that one-line callbacks were made for. And the action is super nuts, even if it rarely comes out to shine – most of it is too accelerated to do much good.


As anyone who’s seen it can attest, 1987’s “Over The Top” is without a doubt the worst movie in Sylvester Stallone’s career–a career, mind you, that includes “Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot” and “Judge Dredd.” After the surprising success and critical acclaim of “Rocky” and the decision to turn the seemingly one-off story into […]

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