Suzanne Collins

It’s no news to fans of the young-adult book series by Suzanne Collins that this third movie only covers a portion of her third novel, which is par for the course, I suppose, for a film that contains a both a colon and a hyphen in its title. But even in the Star Wars series, which now retroactively features the word “Episode” in each title, the films themselves had a form of resolution. Sometimes there were cliffhangers, sure, but the emotional journey and theme of each film were wrapped up by film’s end.


As for The Hunger Games, and LionsGate’s early-spring gamble, things might just work out. The kiddies and adults with middle school reading levels are apparently turning out in droves, and have proven those wily execs at LionsGate correct.


The young-adult book series by Suzanne Collins that has taken the country by storm gets its first movie adaptation as ‘The Hunger Games’ hits theaters.