stellan skarsgard

A bit clunky at times, Our Kind of Traitor is still a gripping spy yarn that forgoes the Bond and Borne tropes in exchange for a more cerebral, character-driven adventure.


As sexually explicit as its trappings are and as absurd a story as it is, Nymphomaniac is an accomplished work from a provocateur with a distinct point of view.


Stieg Larsson’s popular “Millennium series” gets the American treatment with David Fincher’s take on “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”


In ‘Melancholia,’ Lars von Trier has created a deeply personal examination of the the extremes of depression. Is the end of the world real or metaphorical? Is the science behind it sound? These questions are ultimately irrelevant, as the movie forces the viewer to deal with fear on a personal level as well. This isn’t a film about the “global” end of the world. It’s a film about what the end of the world inside one person feels like.


This film was screened at Fantastic Fest 2010 and ended up on my Top 10 best of the festival list—more #FF2010 coverage here. After 12 years in prison, life doesn’t seem so bad for the physically imposing yet seemingly docile Ulrik (Stellan Skarsgard). His longtime friend and former crime boss Rune (Bjørn Floberg) has set [...]

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