sofia coppola

Here is Trey’s list of the Top 10 Underrated Films of 2013. He is absolutely positive that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the depth of quality films that 2013 produced.


This week, our west coast correspondent Warren Cantrell joins us to talk about The Bling Ring, the latest film from Sofia Coppola. Warren and Trey Hock have incredibly differing opinions on the film, so the two of them hash it out, in a thoughtful discussion.


As we watch Sofia Coppola‘s The Bling Ring we should be horrified at what we see, and know that there is no end in sight.


There is an investigative aspect to the movie for sure, where Pitt and what is left of the American military and leadership explore options and hunches, but World War Z gets most of its mileage out of first-person danger. How would you react if fast-moving zombies were suddenly swarming you? What split-second decisions would you make?


Scene-Stealers’ west-coast correspondent, Warren Cantrell, has been largely silent since his last SIFF 2013 dispatch. It should be noted that this is due in large part to the trauma he endured during that Film Festival’s screening of The Bling Ring: a movie that threw Mr. Cantrell into a frozen state of petrified shock from which the man is only just now beginning to emerge.