Making Top 10s isn’t easy, folks. Considering that “Toy Story 3” just opened a couple weeks ago and the third movie in the “Twilight” franchise opens tonight at midnight, it was foretold that this list would happen. There was no avoiding it, simple as that. Having already written the Top 10 Fourth Movies in a […]


Lost ended Sunday, and while I was floored and utterly satisfied by the stirring and emotional conclusion, I was a bit dismayed to see mixed reaction from critics and fans online, most of which cited the feeling that too much was left unanswered. I personally feel that the questions that did remain either weren’t important […]


Sometimes the best tunes come from the spark of an outside collaborator. David Bowie entered the studio to sing backing tracks for a new Queen song, but ended up working with the group on another song called “Still Life.” Eventually that morphed into “Under Pressure,” which was credited to Bowie and all four members of […]