Seann William Scott

A long-delayed dramatic movie with some big stars (‘Margaret’) and a not-needed sequel with some actors who probably needed the work (‘American Reunion’) are available on Blu-ray and DVD now.


Maybe it’s a little early to call ‘Goon’ overlooked, but considering the movie came out in January and has been available on-demand for even longer grants it early access to this column.

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In this week’s podcast Eric Melin, Trevan McGee and Trey Hock talk about Seann William Scott and the rest of the gang in American Reunion and the non-stop action import The Raid Redemption. And if you’re a fan of the awesomely underrated Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, check out our upcoming Evening Of 8-bit Featuring Scott Pilgrim Vs The […]


What’s surprising about ‘American Reunion’ is that, despite it not being a very good movie, it manages to create a good amount of nostalgia for its characters, even if you don’t remember too much about the 1999 original.