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It is especially baffling when a movie has all the high-end acting talent in the world and still finds a way to shit the bed. Here’s the 10 biggest offenders, from novelist and Scene-Stealers contributor Warren Cantrell.

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It’s a podcast with one of the best and worst films in recent memory, so don’t miss it.


With a cast that is solid, a script that is inoffensively simple, and production design that glows with neon saturated colors, there is no reason that ‘Gangster Squad’ should be this bad.


Eric’s review was posted here already, but I watched “The Tree of Life” this past weekend and was also inspired to write this review: Watching “The Tree of Life,” one sentence kept recurring to me: “Humility is appropriate.” Is that statement with regard to writer and director Terrence Malick? Maybe, but given that he doesn’t […]

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We are bombarded by moving images in every facet of our lives. There are video screens everywhere. The way in which audio and video are cut together in ads, TV shows, and online marketing these days has created a contemporary film language that’s like shorthand to us. It takes very little effort on our part […]