Scarlett Johansson

At least one of our film critics wasn’t as enthusiastic as many others have been about Marvel’s The Avengers so far. Watch the video to find out who…


‘The Avengers’ may be pure formula, but its formula done in a way that makes you remember why formulas were created in the first place: They were successful.


Two PG-rated family films have recently made their way to DVD and Blu-ray and they couldn’t be further apart.


Cameron Crowe has this special ability to take the formulaic cheesiness of a normal script and give it a sense of freshness, so that we are having a good time, even if we are knee-deep in cheese dip.


Oh boy. This week’s entry tackles Frank Miller’s hastily released and quickly forgotten take on Will Eisner’s pulp comic book “The Spirit.” Even in the fog of a late night, sleep-deprived viewing, it’s hard to see the litany of problems and the movie’s fast and loose style as interesting or likable. Hot off of the […]

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