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When it sticks to what it’s supposed to be doing, ‘Life’ is genuinely nerve-wracking. The problem is it constantly wants to pretend its something its not and every time the film spins off into an homage of the better films it was inspired by, you’ll feel like you should probably be watching ‘Alien’ or ’2001′ instead.


Based on the comic of the same name, Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges star in this amusing tale of undead cops working for the Rest In Peace Department.


Turbo is a cute, fun, and mostly entertaining 96-minute story about chasing impossible dreams and the complicated relationships between brothers that’s likely to please — but not wow — the whole family.


Director Daniel Espinosa presents ‘Safe House’ with lots of handheld shaky-cam work and uncomfortable close-ups to make it seem more realistic, which is good—because if you think too much about the plot, you may realize it’s pretty silly stuff.


Eric, Trey and Trevan talk about the upcoming Scene-Stealers/Lost In Reviews Oscar Party before moving on to discuss the new Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds vehicle “Safe House” and Wim Wenders’ new 3D documentary “Pina.”  Oh, and for our loyal podcast listeners, check us out/subscribe on iTunes or our RSS.


We have advance passes to see SAFE HOUSE starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in Kansas City and we want you to have them! The screening of SAFE HOUSE is Tuesday February 7 at the AMC Mainstreet 6 at 7:30pm.

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In it’s first few minutes, “The Change-Up” gives the viewer a glimpse of a CGI animated baby anus, which, as anticipated, shoots an incredible amount of crap into the surprised face of Dave (Jason Bateman), the exhausted father. When Dave opens his mouth to argue with his child’s backside, a final push fills his mouth [...]


This movie review of “Green Lantern” appears on KTKA-49. A brash, but talented young fighter pilot pursues romance, faces the biggest challenge of his life, and is forced to grow up and accept responsibility in this high-flying adventure film starring one of Hollywood’s biggest hunks. No, it’s not “Top Gun,” but with its cheesy, synthesized [...]


Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) can’t make up his mind. He doesn’t know whether he wants to be the hotshot flying ace who always has a clever one-liner; the tortured young man, who still suffers from the loss of his father; or the superhero and the dutiful boyfriend. He better hurry up and decide, because a [...]


Movie Review: Buried

by George Hickman on September 25, 2010

in Print Reviews

Fantastic Fest 2010 has started and George Hickman is covering it for Scene-Stealers. His reviews of all the movies he can cram into one week will be published here until the genre-oriented film festival is over and his bloody fingers can type no more. Fantastic Fest Day One – 14 Blades, Let Me In is [...]