Russell Crowe

Today we have a print review from Trevan and a video review from Eric that both basically say the same thing: The Russell Crowe-led “Robin Hood” is a bit of a disappointment. That said, we also have a difference of opinion when it comes to a recommendation. That’s why it’s important to read/watch the actual […]


The Robin Hood legend has been a staple of Hollywood cinema since Douglas Fairbanks slapped on a pair of tights and pranced around a backlot Sherwood Forest in 1922. Since then, Errol Flynn, a Disney cartoon fox, Kevin Costner, and Cary Elwes have all played the role, each with their own take, but the core […]


“State of Play,” the new “old” journalistic thriller based on a 2003 BBC TV serial, hits theaters today—the same day that Oprah does an entire show on Internet sensation Twitter. Interestingly enough, a strong undercurrent of the film spotlights that battle between new and old media, embodied by grizzled and idealized traditional reporter Cal McAffrey […]