Russell Brand

Revisionist rock history. Absurd Musical Numbers. Tom Cruise serenading Malin Ackerman‘s ass. Even Bryan Cranston shows up in his tighty-whities. Rock Of Ages does indeed have something for everyone. This week Eric, Trevan, Clair and guest Alan Rapp talk about the ’80s music homage/parody/something-or-other. Subscribe to The Scene-Stealers Podcast on iTunes or our RSS.


Rock of Ages is a movie that imagines a mythical time and place as seen through the eyes of an audience who was perhaps only able to experience love, heartbreak, and hedonism through the lyrics of 80s hair rock/pop songs.


From the Department of Useless Remakes comes Warner’s re-imagining of the Dudley Moore comedy Arthur. I haven’t seen that original, but having watched every episode of The Critic, I get the idea that remaking Dudley Moore’s original without Dudley Moore would be like if Warners followed through on their threats and made a “Buffy the […]


Russell Brand reprises his role as rockstar caricature Aldous Snow in “Get Him to the Greek,” a listless comedy that only aspires to be funny enough to keep the audience’s attention. Written and directed by “Yes Man” writer Nicholas Stoller, “Get Him to the Greek” follows young A&R man Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) as he […]