Rosamund Pike

‘A Private War’ successfully details the human cost of conflict on those that engage in it, but also amongst those along the fringes.


This Scott Cooper western starring Christian Bale grapples with themes of post-war reconciliation, genocide, honor, and transcending notions of “other.”


Buried somewhere beneath the button-pushing gender politics and all-too-convenient plot twists in Gone Girl, there are some mildly interesting points being made about modern marriage. But after two and a half hours of soapy ridiculousness that wouldn’t be out of place on TV’s The Bold and the Beautiful, the movie just seems like cruel and unusual punishment.


Tom Cruise’s ‘Jack Reacher’ is a well-plotted mystery thriller filled with tough-guy talk, a simmering romance, and exciting action. But along the way to becoming the fun, disposable piece of Hollywood trash that it is, it has a scene or two that may turn the stomachs of those still reeling from the tragic school shooting last week.

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