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Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Trevan, Trey and Eric are back with reviews of the week’s big Wednesday openings – Silver Linings Playbook and Life Of Pi – two great movies that deserve your attention this weekend. So while everyone else is standing in and line and shopping their hearts out, take a load, watch a great movie with […]


Everything about Friends With Kids the directorial debut from Jennifer Westfeldt feels like a labor of love. Westfeldt, who also wrote and produced the film alongside Mike Nichols and real-life boyfriend and co-star Jon Hamm manages a cast that has proven their comedic chops on Parks And Recreation, Saturday Night Live and Bridesmaids, among other places. In […]

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Movie Review: One Day

by Alan Rapp on August 19, 2011

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One Day is the type of movie that women are likely to enjoy far more than men. It has two likable stars, is less clumsy (in spots) than most romantic comedies, and wants desperately to be better on-screen than it is on the printed page. Sadly, the movie is nothing more, or less, than a […]


Watch Eric’s on-camera review of “The Switch” with clips from the movie here. Narration in movies is a tricky thing. Sometimes it illuminates the thoughts of an anachronistic, layered character. Sometimes it’s used to create a mood or rhythm—it’s another detail of a film’s setting. Often times, however, narration is there to tie up a […]