Robert Downey Jr.

If these costumed super heroes are truly the gods of our time and the films that they are in each summer are our contemporary mythological canon, then these films should reflect our current understanding of each other, including visual representation of women and minorities, instead of parading out old narrative tropes and stereotypes as if they were steadfast truths.


Rating: Minor Rock Fist Down Sequels are tough. Even if you’ve made a wildly successful first film. Even if you’ve had more than six movies to establish your continuity. Even if you have the deep pockets of a major studio like Disney. Even if you’ve got a director who’s incredibly good at writing ensembles. Sequels […]


Robert Downey Jr.’s new cinematic vehicle, gives the viewer just enough salt, just enough of the bile of family life, in an attempt to cover the overly manipulative and sentimental story. In spite of a remarkable cast, and a handful of exceptional moments, The Judge falls prey to the emotional wish fulfillment of most estranged father and son stories.


At its core, Iron Man 3 is a screwball comedy about Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, post-intergalactic invasion. What makes it so enjoyable as formulaic escapist entertainment are the little tweaks that Black has made to the template.


How do you follow the latest from writer/director/auteur Terrence Malick? With possibly the biggest summer movie of the year, duh. Trey and Trevan are a man down this week, with Eric hanging out in New Orleans or something. Honestly, who knows what he does. Trey talks To The Wonder, one of Malick’s more accessible and beautiful efforts. While […]


The armored avenger’s third outing is a high-speed, action-heavy romp that deepens some existing characters, introduces some interesting new ones and is surprisingly funny throughout.


In Game of Shadows, Ritchie and his screenwriters give Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law (as Holmes and his sidekick Watson) more witty dialogue and funnier situations, which is what keeps the whole high-energy affair from becoming total overkill.


Wacthing ‘The Avengers’ is like watching director Joss Whedon play with really expensive action figures.


At least one of our film critics wasn’t as enthusiastic as many others have been about Marvel’s The Avengers so far. Watch the video to find out who…


‘The Avengers’ may be pure formula, but its formula done in a way that makes you remember why formulas were created in the first place: They were successful.


For Good or Ill, ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’ is Guy Ritchie at his Guy Ritchie-est.


Here’s my video review of the Todd Phillips-directed comedy“Due Date” starring Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. from KTKA-49. It takes a special kind of director to make Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis not funny and apparently, Todd Phillips is that director. From Phillips—the man who brought us the runaway surprise summer hit “The […]