Rob Reiner

While these docs all stand on their own, as binged series, the interconnectedness of all these titles, genres, and personages come together in a very gratifying way.


The film tells us that “Love always comes with a price,” and because I love film, sometimes that price is watching a really bad movie.

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Top 10 Coming-of-Age Movies

by Trey Hock on August 20, 2013

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Prepare for The Spectacular Now by brushing up on your coming-of-age films. Here are Trey’s Top 10 Coming-of-Age Movies. What’s your Top 10? Leave your list in the comments.


Two classic movies are new out on Blu-ray now. One is a family film from the 80s and the other is a restored version of an award-winning world cinema masterpiece.


We’re all guilty of quoting-along with our favorite cult classics. Now you can do it in the company of strangers, who’ll quote-along with you!


Before he crapped the bed in the mid-90s, Rob Reiner had an (almost) unbroken run of movies that could rival any director in movie history. Here are his most memorable characters. You may be surprised at how many are considered modern greats…

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