Pixar’s latest outing takes audiences to a magical world where two brothers find the power to bring back their father for one last chance at getting to know him.


‘Toy Story 4’ is yet another heartwarming entry into the great animated series, examining friendship and what it means to be an important toy for a kid.


‘Incredibles 2’ sports inventive choreography, amazing animation detail, and stylish production design that beg to be seen on the big screen. It’s recycled main conflict is the only thing keeping it from being a stone-cold classic.


in honor of all those sweaty, surly, hard-working, knife-wielding food whores out there, and the filmmakers brave enough to feature them prominently in their flicks, Scene-Stealers is offering up an arbitrary ranking of the best chefs in motion picture history.


How much do you love Animal House? I ask because the team behind Monsters University obviously holds it high regard. Over the years everything from Sydney White to Futurama has aped the story of rival fraternities battling it out on a college campus. Now it’s Pixar’s turn.


This movie review of “Cars 2” appears on KTKA-49. Since Pixar’s “Cars” was released in 2006, we’ve been able to look forward to a new movie from the premier animation studio in America every summer. Every movie since then has been a huge box office success and has won Pixar the Best Animated Feature Oscar. […]


Stupidity wins the day, as Mater the tow truck (Larry the Cable Guy) gets center stage in Pixar’s latest film, “Cars 2.” This movie takes on big oil and bungled friendships, while the globe-trotting Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) tears up the racing circuit, and Mater finds himself the master of inadvertent espionage. “Cars 2” opens […]


Eric Melin and Trevan McGee review the latest from Pixar, “Toy Story 3.” It’s been 11 years since “Toy Story 2,” and true fans of the series may be worried that there was no reason to revisit Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen), and the rest of Andy’s toys for another installment. Is “Toy Story […]


Watch our on-camera review of “Toy Story 3” with clips. Print review: Explain the premise of the “Toy Story” series to a friend who’s never seen it (if you can find one) and you’re bound to completely miss out on what makes it special in the first place: “You see, all these toys come to […]


For 1 Year, 100 Movies, contributor/filmmaker Trey Hock will watch all of AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies list (compiled in 2007) in one year. His reactions to each film will be recorded here twice a week until the year (and list) is up! Though I prefer “Wall-E” and “The Incredibles,” if you are going to […]

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