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Top 10 Peter O’Toole Movies

by Eric Melin on December 19, 2013

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With the recent passing of Peter O’Toole, the world has lost the last great hellraiser of movie history. This Top 10 compiles the great actor’s 10 best films!

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Besides being a film of immense spectacle with some of the most beautiful landscape shots you’ll ever see, famed British director David Lean’s movie also works on a personal level.


For 1 Year, 100 Movies, contributor/filmmaker Trey Hock is watching all of AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies list (compiled in 2007) in one year. His reactions to each film are recorded here twice a week until the year (and list) is up! It’s difficult to talk about #7 “Lawrence of Arabia” in any way that […]

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