In honor of Friday’s show and the 2012 US Air Guitar season, I present to you the Top 10 U.S. Air Guitarists of All-Time.


In honor of his 62nd birthday on Thursday, in honor of his fire-breathing and blood-spitting antics so clearly inspired by the classic Universal horror films, in honor of the fact that he was my rock idol at an early age and I still pay lots of attention to him despite the fact that I want […]


What are the best Elizabeth Taylor movies and best Elizabeth Taylor performances? Find out in this Top 10 list.

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Top 10 George Clooney Movies (movies he starred in or directed) This weekend A-lister extraordinaire George Clooney continues his 12-year streak of picking movies that are a little left of center with “The American,” a slow-moving drama that’s kind of a throwback to 70s art-house fare. It wasn’t always that way for the man who […]


Today’s Top 10 list comes from Sean O’Connell, an NYC-based writer who has contributed Top 10 Midget Performances, Top 10 Movie Rain Scenes, and Top 10 Movie Brothers. This one is a complementary list to my Top 10 Rock Star Cameos list in that it casts a wider net. If you have a Top 10 […]


I was going to write another movie-related Top 10, but as sit here in front of the computer, all I’ve been doing all night is getting inspired by my fellow rockers-in-air. You see, Thursday morning I take off for five days on the U.S. Air Guitar Championships tour in hopes that I’ll be able to […]