paul walker

Furious 7 is exactly what you’d expect if you’ve seen any of the later entries in the franchise, watched any of the trailers, seen the poster with the parachuting car or heard Diesel’s claim about it winning Best Picture – genre ridiculousness with a couple of good stunts.

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The actors in each movie don’t have much to do, but at least one of these movies understands where its strength lies — in putting bodies in constant motion and thumbing its nose at the laws of physics.


This review of the “Fast Five” appears on KTKA-49. Supposedly, the fifth movie in the “Fast and Furious” franchise—titled “Fast Five”—takes place before the third movie, but after the fourth. If that sounds like it’s going to make this a tricky film to follow, don’t worry—it’s not. “Fast Five” is a dumb, ridiculous movie filled [...]