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Seeing as how we’re just days away from the most holy and precious of all American holidays, the Super Bowl, it seemed altogether appropriate to examine this particular sporting phenomenon in film.


This review of “The Hustler” and “The Comancheros” 50th Anniversary Blu-ray editions appears on KTKA-49. What better way for Dad to spend Father’s Day than relaxing on the couch with two of Hollywood’s manliest screen personas? New on Blu-ray now is “The Hustler,” with Paul Newman playing Fast Eddie Felson, the role that would cement […]


Top 10 Paul Newman Movies

by Eric Melin on September 30, 2008

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Much has been written about Paul Newman since his passing this past weekend. Many of the newspaper biographies I’ve read focused on his love of racing, his charity work, and his compassion. Some even suggested that he loved those other things more than acting. Well, this Top 10 list is about his enormous contribution to […]