Only god forgives

>Happy 2014, everyone! Trey, Trevan and Eric return to go over their choices for the best films of 2013. Trey discusses the most underrated films of the year and Eric and Trevan go over movies 10 through 6 on the list. Will a surprise film sneak into the top 5? Will Trevan attempt to nominate […]


Here is Trey’s list of the Top 10 Underrated Films of 2013. He is absolutely positive that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the depth of quality films that 2013 produced.


Blu-ray picks up the deep reds and blues that populate so many of the shots and displays them in breathtaking high definition. When coupled with the film’s penchant for brutality, the result can be as terrifying as it is alienating.


I know that there are very few people I could recommend Only God Forgives to, but I believe that it shows excellent craft and intentionality. It has forced me to ponder fruitfully topics I would normally avoid.

Be warned, Only God Forgives is for the emotionally and gastronomically stalwart. It is one of the best films I cannot, with a clear conscience, encourage others to see.


Nicolas Winding Refn’s newest pairing with Ryan Gosling is a step in the wrong direction.


We’re back! And by “we,” I mean Eric Melin, Trey Hock, and Trevan McGee. There’s a lot to cover this week including a retroactive review of last week’s Pacific Rim, plus Trey and Trevan talk about Only God Forgives before Eric spills on A Hijacking and The Way, Way Back.