Melissa Leo

What Maisie Knew is a perceptive adaptation of Henry James’ 1897 novel about a child stuck in the middle of a custody battle between divorced parents in London. If you want to see a film where secret service agents, military, and the highest ranking officials in the U.S. government are mowed down in bloody gunfire and subjected to humiliation, Olympus Has Fallen is for you.


Oblivion features an interesting premise, that is quickly marred by familiar Sci-Fi tropes and MacGuffins that plunge the film into terribly predictable and familiar territory.


We’re back again with another episode of movie reviews and financial advice. This week: Eric, Trey and Trevan are joined by Alan Rapp as they review the latest Tom Cruise vehicle, Oblivion. Fair warning: This is a scattershot podcast. That’s what happens when a movie is a thoroughly disappointing as this one was.