matthew lillard

Clichéd and as subtle as a kick to the groin, the screenplay by first-time screenwriter Randy Brown doesn’t so much foreshadow events as scream loudly from Hollywood playbook exactly what will occur. Overly sentimental, and not ambitious in the least, the film is a crowd pleaser with well-placed grumpy old man jokes that won’t force audiences to think much (or at all).

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Actor-turned-director Matthew Lillard (Hackers, Scream, Scooby-Doo) has offered up his own treatise on late adolescence in the form of his debut directorial feature, Fat Kid Rules the World, and while it’s no Breakfast Club, its heart and sense of authenticity match up with anything Hughes ever delivered.


‘The Descendants’ is another nuanced look at the tragicomic world of the modern adult male from the man who brought us ‘Election,’ ‘About Schmidt,’ and ‘Sideways.’


“If the guy I was then met the guy I am now, he’d beat the shit out of me.” “SLC Punk!” is a strange amalgamation of elements that seem to be operating at cross-purposes. It has passages reminiscent of John Hughes, “Sid and Nancy,” and Tarantino, a tone that convincingly encompasses dramatic shifts in temperament […]