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Caesar returns in the summer sci-fi epic that is more about the cost of being a leader than it is the novelty of talking monkeys.


Trevan and Trey return to go over two new movies: Third Person from that writer/director/guy Paul Haggis, who gave us Crash. If you don’t already, please Like us on Facebook. It’s the quickest way to get news, reviews and podcasts from us and the rest of the Web. And please subscribe to the Scene Stealers Podcast on iTunes or our RSS.


With the success of this weekend’s low-budget found-footage superpower movie ‘Chronicle,’ we thought it would be fun to look back in the Scene-Stealers vault to four years ago when director Matt Reeves and producer J. J. Abrams hoisted ‘Cloverfield,’ a monster movie firmly rooted in the lo-fi-meets-CGI aesthetic, on the world.


This DVD review was originally aired on KTKA-49. Out on DVD and Blu-ray now is “Let Me In,” a movie that a lot of people wrote off before it was even released. Hopefully now this underrated gem will have an opportunity to find the audience that it really deserves. Since it was based on a [...]


Movie Review: Let Me In

by Eric Melin on September 24, 2010

in Print Reviews

Where the spooky Swedish film “Let the Right One In” was set (like John Ajvide Lindqvist‘s novel) in an economically depressed apartment complex in early-80s Stockholm, the American remake “Let Me In” paints a similarly bleak picture, taking place in dreary suburban Los Alamos, New Mexico in 1983. Writer/director Matt Reeves (“Cloverfield”) goes further with [...]