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Here’s my video review of the Clint Eastwood drama“Hereafter” starring Matt Damon from KTKA-49. Matt Damon is one of three characters across the globe who are touched by death in the maudlin drama “Hereafter.” Director Clint Eastwood weaves their stories together as they grapple with the possibility of an afterlife and how it affects them [...]


Director Paul Greengrass and ever-reliable leading man Matt Damon team for a third time in “Green Zone,” an action-heavy, revisionist political thriller that takes place in Baghdad shortly after the U.S. invasion into Iraq. And while detractors will be quick to make the comparison to the duo’s previous outings together (the two previous chapters of [...]


To show you that we care for quality review content over quality of production, we present the worst-looking webcam review ever. The audio is fine (save for a couple microphone pops here and there), the lighting was fine, but the frame rate sucks, so there’s lots of blur and it’s grainy as hell. Again, we [...]


Apart from being a technical marvel, ‘The Departed’ is also a bleak and terrifying study of the cyclical violence.

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We live in cynical times. Corruption in government is no longer a scandal — it’s the status quo. Huge conglomerate mega-companies are more powerful than entire countries. The term “corporate conscience” exists now only as an oxymoron. It is precisely this sort of brazen, out-of-control behavior from the filthiest rich of the world’s population that [...]