kenneth branagh

Bill Shakespeare spends his retirement in solidarity and mental suffering, something that reflects back on the audience of this flick.


As long as the subsequent films in the franchise avoid turning Ryan into a superhero and keep their plots at least somewhat rooted in reality, the Jack Ryan franchise may stand a fighting chance. At least they finally have the right actor.


‘My Week With Marilyn’ is a frustrating lark of a film anchored by an impressive performance from Michelle Williams.


This review of “Thor” appears on KTKA-49. Thor may be a God from Norse mythology, but the guy portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the new fantasy-action movie “Thor” is based on “The Mighty Thor,” a Marvel comic that first appeared in 1962. Bottom line: The premise is ultra-silly, but the movie works. Just listen to […]

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Opening this Friday is a film about two princes of a legendary kingdom. The older brother, heir to the throne, is arrogant and proud, the younger is manipulative and jealous. Though the father tries to love each equally, his blind love for the older child leads to an error in judgment, and ultimately the older […]