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Aaron Sorkin returns to Silicon Valley this time with director Danny Boyle for Steve Jobs, a movie that is less a biopic and more a collection of three one-act plays that are less concerned with the man and more concerned with perpetuating the legend of the magnetic, charismatic, dreamer who founded Apple and revolutionized computing.


The know-it-alls, the geeks, the jocks, the smart-asses, and the Jesus freaks are clearly defined groups, and it can be tough if you don’t fit in anywhere.


Jason Reitman’s new film Labor Day came out this past week. Trey had the opportunity to sit down with Joyce Maynard, the author of the novel on which Reitman’s film is based. The conversation covers authorial perspective, the changes that come with adaptation, and even a little about the struggles of single parenting. The full […]


It’s problems started with the novel, but Jason Reitman‘s adaptation of Labor Day is sheer wish fulfillment. It plays on the desire to be taken from our humdrum lives by a magical stranger, who solves our problems and makes us feel loved for the first time.


Two big awards-season movies from last year are out on home video this week.


‘Carnage’ is a hilarious new comedy starring Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, John C. Reilly, and Christoph Waltz as upper-middle-class parents in Brooklyn who are a little too self-obsessed.


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Movie Review: Contagion

by Trey Hock on September 9, 2011

in Print Reviews

With most films about sickness or contamination, the virus is employed as a socio-political metaphor either for other more emotionally charged illnesses such as HIV or for the fear and distrust surrounding cultural, ethnic or racial lines. In his new film “Contagion,” director Steven Soderbergh understands that a global epidemic is scary enough on its […]


This review originally appeared on KTKA-TV and KSNT-TV, Kansas First News. An expanded review appears below. Here’s a scary fact about how easily disease can spread: The average person touches their face 3,000 times in a day. If the new global pandemic thriller “Contagion” was directed by anybody else, it would have had an enormous […]