kate bosworth

‘The Devil Has a Name’ has a few bright spots thanks to its cast, yet never manages to bring all its pieces together in a way that makes good use of them.


Moore is the reason it works. She’s so natural and free of vanity. She doesn’t telegraph the tragedy of her situation like so many made-for-TV movies do. It’s a quiet performance and the uncertainty of how present Alice is undercuts everything, even the joyful moments.


As a cinematic adaptation of a literary piece, Big Sur is near-flawless, for it makes extensive use of Kerouac’s writing from the book, and uses its powerful cadence and pacing to draw the audience into the increasingly fragmented mind of the legendary Beatnik.

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‘Straw Dogs,’ out now on DVD and Blu-ray, is a remake of a controversial 1971 movie from Sam Peckinpah starring Dustin Hoffman. ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ is a new horror movie produced by Guillermo del Toro.


‘Superman Returns’ has way more going for it than a simple action movie. By emphasizing Superman’s virtual omnipotence and also his sense of eternal heartbreak and loss, Bryan Singer’s epic and lyrical sequel-of-sorts to 1980’s Superman II has some of the same poignancy of a classic Greek tragedy.