This week, Trey dives into his love of Kaiju movies with the recent Godzilla re-releases on Blu-ray. Then, Ryan Davis from the Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet and Adam Roberts from the Screenland Armour stop by to talk about special programming for the month of May. If you don’t already, please Like us on Facebook. It’s the quickest way to [...]


Anniversaries are hit and miss in the Godzilla universe, but this overlooked entry (obscured by remakes and awkward chronological positioning) is one of the best.


For those who are hardcore about their kaiju consumption Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim is not perfect, but for those who are looking for a fun and thoughtful summer movie with more character than most, Pacific Rim should do the trick in a big way.

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If big-budget summer movies are supposed to be entertaining, escapist fun, then Pacific Rim is a perfect example of that. I’ll be damned if del Toro’s silly, exuberant, dramatic Kaiju flick didn’t give me that “rah-rah” feeling, amplified of course by the sight of giant monsters and robots bludgeoning each other while towering over our puny cities and coasts.


Whether its guys in big rubber suits, stop-motion camera trickery, or computer generated effects, there is something exciting, terrifying, and sometimes unintentionally hilarious about movies that feature a giant monster let loose in a major urban city. With the much-anticipated release of this weekend’s “Cloverfield,” I take a look back at ten of the best [...]