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Mr. Bacon’s time in Hollywood has been defined by humility, hard work, dedication to his craft, and a selfless commitment to every professional endeavor, big or small. As he worked the red carpet leading into Seattle’s historic Egyptian Theater, all of this professionalism and good-natured courtesy was on display.


Today’s list celebrates the best of Greek legends in their cinematic form, and ranked them based on their powers and perceived usefulness in the featured films.


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Top 10 Coming-of-Age Movies

by Trey Hock on August 20, 2013

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Prepare for The Spectacular Now by brushing up on your coming-of-age films. Here are Trey’s Top 10 Coming-of-Age Movies. What’s your Top 10? Leave your list in the comments.


My list, of course, had Fast Times at Ridgemont High at number one, and even today, five years after writing the list, I stand by that ranking. Here is my list of the Top 10 School Life Movies.