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The new Halloween was never going to live up to the legacy of its predecessor. But it does evoke the original and take into consideration how audiences have changed since then, which is a minor miracle, I suppose, and it is light years better than the nine films in between.


A pair of tongue-in-cheek movies about aliens are new on Blu-ray and DVD this week and neither of them involve Men in Black.


The Chicken and the Egg #25: Our bi-weekly movie-reference-happy comic strip here on Scene-Stealers is back! This week marks the first time one director has been referenced a second time in the strip.


John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ was derided by critics when it came out in 1982 but is now rightly considered somewhat of a horror classic. Here’s why.

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As keeping with horror remake month and the rules set out by the Insomniac Movie Theater blog that all movies must be on Netflix Instant, late-night television, or from my personal collection, I got to rewatch one of the all-time great horror movies on a technicality. Less of a remake and more of a total […]


John Carpenter’s Vampires is an Overlooked Movie


On paper, this week’s entry should be a total failure. It features a former child actor, a hackneyed kung fu plot, and some special effects that are economical at best. Add to that some vague Chinese mythology as the backdrop and a soundtrack that was composed by the director and his editor and it should […]


“We all sell out every day; it might as well be on the winning team.” What “They Live” has to offer may come as a surprise. It is, after all, about an alien civilization creating a global consumer culture through mass hypnosis in order to use the human race as livestock. And it is, after […]