jeff goldblum

Roger Michell’s charming film Le Week-End, out on DVD now, explores the relationship between Meg (Lindsay Duncan) and Nick (Jim Broadbent), who are on their 30th wedding anniversary in Paris, where they also spent their honeymoon.


In The Grand Budapest Hotel director Wes Anderson seems to fully resolve two warring sides of his creative personality, the need to craft exciting visual moments and the ability to build a cohesive long form narrative.


Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie opens today at Screenland Crossroads. The duo’s humor comes from their instinctual knowledge of how editing is used to manipulate the viewer and this is their first full-length feature film.


For 1 Year, 100 Movies, contributor/filmmaker Trey Hock is watching all of AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies list (compiled in 2007) in one year. His reactions to each film are recorded here twice a week until the year (and list) is up! Robert Altman’s “Nashville” is to film what language immersion programs are to foreign [...]