Jean-Claude Van Damme

It’s a shame that Van Damme isn’t a better actor, because his rugged, worn looks finally give him a unique dimension that he has always lacked as a performer. He, and perhaps, the film’s director, don’t seem smart enough to play off of his inelegant appearance.


More ‘Rambo’ than ‘Commando,’ ‘Expendables 2’ has its heart in the right place. There are more callbacks to each actors past catch phrases than any movie should be able to get away with, but then again this is the one movie that one-line callbacks were made for. And the action is super nuts, even if it rarely comes out to shine – most of it is too accelerated to do much good.


One of the great things about having an Alamo Drafthouse in your town is that they do all kinds of screenings of movies that aren’t your typical, awards-worthy fare, and they do them up right — with unbridled campy, enthusiasm.