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It is especially baffling when a movie has all the high-end acting talent in the world and still finds a way to shit the bed. Here’s the 10 biggest offenders, from novelist and Scene-Stealers contributor Warren Cantrell.

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Inevitability is a theme that is foreshadowed, warned about, and then played out in grisly fashion throughout The Counselor, which is crammed with so much nihilistic philosophizing that it makes the fatalistic tirades of Killing Them Softly seem like Fried Green Tomatoes.


How do you follow the latest from writer/director/auteur Terrence Malick? With possibly the biggest summer movie of the year, duh. Trey and Trevan are a man down this week, with Eric hanging out in New Orleans or something. Honestly, who knows what he does. Trey talks To The Wonder, one of Malick’s more accessible and beautiful efforts. While […]


Skyfall doesn’t reach the emotional depths of 2006’s Casino Royale—Daniel Craig’s first outing as MI6 secret agent James Bond—but it features jaw-dropping cinematography and set design, and some of the most exciting action scenes of the entire series.


Daniel Criag returns as James Bond, but ‘Skyfall’ offers more than the standard spy thriller. As the plot changes from international mystery to revenge story to home defense/giant metaphor, the clean, do-no-wrong exteriors of these characters that have been established over the last 50 years fade away.


After a long hiatus, we’re back. And we have 120 movies to work through. OK, Not really, just five.


I was seven when I first saw my mother’s favorite movie, “Pretty Woman.” She loved it so much that, years later, she would make it her email address. This was my first introduction to Julia Roberts, and I’ve been a die-hard fan ever since. I own most of her catalog of work on DVD (some […]