Jason Statham

‘The Fate of the Furious’ is not the best of the bunch but thanks to a strong cast its shockingly entertaining and one of the most thrilling of the series.


Feig’s ability to breathe fresh air into a somewhat stale concept bodes well for his and Ms. McCarthy’s expected reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise, which might very well succeed if it is as sharp and creative with its writing and comedy set pieces as Spy is.


Furious 7 is exactly what you’d expect if you’ve seen any of the later entries in the franchise, watched any of the trailers, seen the poster with the parachuting car or heard Diesel’s claim about it winning Best Picture – genre ridiculousness with a couple of good stunts.

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Parker works as well as most of Statham’s action flicks; it’s enjoyable up to a point but largely forgettable after the credits roll.


When Eric asked me to contribute an overlooked movie to scene-stealers.com, I immediately began compiling a list of my favorite and under or completely unappreciated films of the last 15 years. Would I finally get to tackle the overlooked pulp of Christopher McQuarrie’s “The Way of The Gun”? Or maybe I could gush about Ewan [...]