Jason Bateman

[Rating: Minor Rock Fist Down] Joel Edgerton wears many hats in The Gift as writer, director and actor, but none of them fit particularly well, here. The Gift plays like an early draft of a Twilight Zone episode before Rod Serling tossed it out and started over or saved it for Night Gallery. Jason Bateman plays Simon, a successful salesman who [...]


Trevan and Eric work through Amour, Side Effects, Identity Thief and Warm Bodies while Trey sweats it out boating in some tropical paradise.


‘Identity Thief’ is a feckless, frustrating comedy with a dozen variations on the same fat joke.


In it’s first few minutes, “The Change-Up” gives the viewer a glimpse of a CGI animated baby anus, which, as anticipated, shoots an incredible amount of crap into the surprised face of Dave (Jason Bateman), the exhausted father. When Dave opens his mouth to argue with his child’s backside, a final push fills his mouth [...]


This review of “Horrible Bosses” appears on KTKA-49. “Horrible Bosses” has a very simple concept. Three lifelong friends—played by Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis—go from thinking about killing their abusive bosses to actually plotting their murders. If the movie were a rich character drama or a suspense film, it would explore the dark [...]