Jack Kerouac

David Cronenberg’s adaptation of ‘Naked Lunch’ is out now from The Criterion Collection in an extras-packed Blu-ray. The cinema’s most intellectual purveyor of psychological torment masquerading as body horror proved himself up to the task of bringing Burroughs’ hallucinatory masterwork to the screen.


Hey-o! A late post for the podcast this week. Sorry about that. This week, Trey talks The Host, while Trevan and Eric talk G.I. Joe: Retaliation and The Gatekeepers. Lastly, Eric takes on On The Road on his own.


When it is at its best, the film finds the perfect symbiotic balance between Kerouac’s prose and the solemn beauty of the open road, where the adventures of a young dreamer plant the seeds of not only one man’s future, but an entire generation of literary hopefuls.

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As a cinematic adaptation of a literary piece, Big Sur is near-flawless, for it makes extensive use of Kerouac’s writing from the book, and uses its powerful cadence and pacing to draw the audience into the increasingly fragmented mind of the legendary Beatnik.

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