64 million people a year suffer from insomnia and every so often I am one of them. But rather than use the extra time I’ve been given during a given insomniac episode to be productive, balance my checkbook, study for the LSAT or exercise, I instead fool myself into thinking the time isn’t my own […]


Will there be an extra scene after “Iron Man 2” credits? Will it set up “The Avengers”? According to SuperheroHype,  “A 100% trusted source (NOT from the production/distribution, but very familiar with the movie) confirmed us today that there will be an easter egg in IM2. It’s an extra scene, just like the one in […]


Despite the fact that it is adapted from a classic Marvel comic book, director Ang Lee’s new dysfunctional family psychodrama “Hulk” more closely resembles Universal Studios horror classic than a superhero movie. Sure, there are amazing scenes of the Hulk performing superhuman stunts. But, unlike the standard superhero drama, he’s not really trying to save […]