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Top 10 Pandemic Movies

by Warren Cantrell on September 11, 2020

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Today’s Top 10 list is a celebration of the films that got pandemics more or less correct from the micro or macro (or both) side of things.


It’s really hard to say something new about a divisive film like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, especially when you’re writing about it ten years after its release. The fact is, that there are very few films of its ilk.  Boasting some of the best visuals of the past decade and a visual […]

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Thanks for Sharing tries to look at the funny side of sex addiction, but when director Stuart Blumberg’s film turns dark, as it must, the whole thing just falls apart.


How do you follow the latest from writer/director/auteur Terrence Malick? With possibly the biggest summer movie of the year, duh. Trey and Trevan are a man down this week, with Eric hanging out in New Orleans or something. Honestly, who knows what he does. Trey talks To The Wonder, one of Malick’s more accessible and beautiful efforts. While […]


The armored avenger’s third outing is a high-speed, action-heavy romp that deepens some existing characters, introduces some interesting new ones and is surprisingly funny throughout.


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Movie Review: Contagion

by Trey Hock on September 9, 2011

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With most films about sickness or contamination, the virus is employed as a socio-political metaphor either for other more emotionally charged illnesses such as HIV or for the fear and distrust surrounding cultural, ethnic or racial lines. In his new film “Contagion,” director Steven Soderbergh understands that a global epidemic is scary enough on its […]