Today’s Top 10 list took a look at the best examples of movies that focused on space exploration, and ranked them based on the size and severity of the pickles encountered. Since there is little drama in intergalactic missions that go off without a hitch, a vast majority of films that play around in this genre’s sandbox feature some kind of disaster, thus, there was no shortage of candidates.


Eric, Trevan and Trey return to round out their list of the best films of 2013. Stick around to find out which film Eric ultimately put at the top of list, which film Trey thinks is the most misunderstood and to hear Trevan’s impassioned speech about Snow Dogs. “They’re huskies, and it’s cold outside,” he says at one point, fighting tears.


Simply put, 2013 was an embarrassment of riches, and the best movies of the year are all over the place in terms of budget, scope, genre, and style.


12 Years a Slave dominated the KCFCC awards, winning six of the twelve total categories, while Gravity and Her picked up two awards each.


This week, Eric and Trevan argue over Captain Philips while Trey talks about Blue Caprice. Then, they all come together to celebrate Alfonso Cuarón’s excellent Gravity.

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The visuals, the cinematography, visual effects and sound design should garner your respect, but if you’re interested in more than just a rich visual buffet, Gravity can keep you busy pondering its many layers.


George Hickman is an Austin film maniac who does not sleep. Here’s Part Three of his capsule reviews of all the movies he saw at Fantastic Fest 2013 this year!


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