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With the new Blu-ray release of Anderson’s 2012 standout Moonrise Kingdom, The Criterion Collection has now issued all but one of his movies with a deluxe treatment that celebrates that universe.


There are movies aplenty in this week’s podcast, as Eric, Trevan and Trey work their way through some late-to-dinner Oscar hopefuls: Promised Land, Not Fade Away, Hyde Park on Hudson and The Impossible. There’s a lot to get through and the guys move fast, so try to keep up. Subscribe to The Scene-Stealers Podcast on iTunes or our RSS.


Gus Van Sant’s ‘Promised Land’ takes on the environmental issue of fracking in the Midwest, but treats the characters as set dressing.


If you love Anderson’s previous work, you’ll be very happy with ‘Moonrise Kingdom.’ If you’ve been on the fence about his films since ‘Rushmore,’ then if you can make it through the first half you should be happy with the final half.

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I’ll begin with an analogy. Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS) is a medical condition, which is marked by consistent unwanted sexual arousal and orgasm. Those of us who don’t have the disease may grin or chuckle and think that PSAS might not be so bad. Those with the disease often describe it as distracting to [...]