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fight club

The movie has taken complete ownership of the track, lock, stock, and barrel for all eternity. The moment someone hears one of these songs, they can’t help but be transported right back to the scene where it appears, even if they haven’t seen the film in years.


It just doesn’t get much better than a film that takes a few minutes to ratchet up the tension via that classic struggle over which wire to cut so as to defuse a bomb and avert catastrophe. To be fair, it’s a somewhat tired trope that’s been done to death, yet when it is executed well, it’s a slam dunk for that extra pinch of tension screenwriters love to mine for.


To check out my 1-minute video review of “Repo Men” with clips, check out the KTKA-49 website here. Remy (Jude Law) is a family man who lives a double life. He drives his son to school and then it’s off to work where he repossesses organs from people who haven’t kept up with their payments. […]


“The book is always better then the movie.” Not. Always. True. Get arguing and get ready to enjoy the Top 10 Movies as Good or Better Than Books They’re Based On.